Pea Pesto Pasta

Looking for some family friendly meal ideas? This basil and pea pesto is delicious served with pasta. It also makes a quick and easy dip (leave out the peas), served with bread or raw veggie sticks. It stores well in the fridge, but make sure it stays covered to keep it bright green. The more contact it has with the air, the darker it will become.

Some other popular Babycook meals for the whole family include our spaghetti bolognese, coconut pork curry, salmon and kale pasta and Chow Mein beef.

Pea Pesto Pasta

Pea Pesto Recipe

  • Suitable from: 8+ month old
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time: 5 minutes
  • Ingredients: 1 and a half cups of fresh basil leaves, 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, 3 tablespoons pine nuts, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 1 clove of garlic cloves, 1 cup of peas
  1. Place the peas into the steamer basket of the Babycook. Fill water up to level 1 and press steam.
  2. Once finished, remove the steamer basket and set peas aside.
  3. Place all fresh ingredients except the peas, in the blending bowl of the Babycook
  4. Mix in 10 second increments until chopped into a paste.
  5. Combine the pesto and peas with cooked pasta and serve.

Et voila, bon appétit!

Chef’s tip

This one is great for adults too! To save time, you may wish to cook the peas in the cooking water with the pasta. Just put them in with about 4-5 minutes to go and drain the peas and pasta together.

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