Steamed Pear Breakfast Yoghurt Recipe

Knowing what to serve your little one for breakfast can be tricky! Especially on those busy mornings before work or childcare, these steamed pear pieces can be made in bulk, ahead of time and refrigerated ready to use when needed. It then only takes a couple of minutes to put this healthy breakfast (or snack) together. The steamed pear pieces are also a handy finger food for babies who are beginning to self-feed but don't yet have teeth or aren't ready for firmer foods.

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Steamed Pear Breakfast Yoghurt

Steamed Pear Breakfast Yoghurt Recipe

  • Suitable from: 6+ month olds
  • Preparation time: 2 min
  • Cooking time: 7 min
  • Ingredients: 1 pear, 3 tablespoons yoghurt, baby's usual breakfast cereal (e.g. Weetbix or bran flakes)
  1. Core and slice the pear into pieces
  2. Place the sliced pear into the steamer basket of the Babycook.
  3. Fill with water to level 1 and steam.
  4. Once complete, serve pear slices with yoghurt and baby's usual breakfast cereal crumbled.
  5. Et voila, bon appétit! 

Chef’s tip

Serve leftover steamed pear pieces as a finger food for babies who are not ready to eat firmer, raw fruit but who are ready to begin self-feeding.

Toddler eating Steamed Pear Breakfast Yoghurt

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