Three Foods to Feed your Baby to help beat Constipation

Many babies become constipated when first introduced to solid foods. Their digestive system is processing all sorts of things they haven't been exposed to before, and as a result, sometimes it can leave them with tummy pains and feeling a little backed up. 

Here are three tried and tested foods to help you, help your little one! They are packed with fibre and taste pretty good too! Just remember, a little bit can go a long way with babies so don't go overboard!

Constipation busting Fruits

Pears, Plums, Peaches and Prunes are all high in fibre and are deliciously sweet meaning your little one may be more likely to give it a try! Check out our delicious Pear and Prune Puree recipe below!

Vegetables to get their bowels moving

Spinach, Broccoli and Beans are all high in fibre. 

High Fibre Whole-grains 

Oats, Whole grain rice and Pasta are high in fibre and still need to be fed to your little one. While it can be tempting to skip these types of foods, it is important to remember they still need a balanced diet, so choose whole-grain over starchy alternatives.

Pear and Prune Puree for Baby Constipation

In conjunction with serving your child some of these fibre-rich foods to ease digestion, perhaps cut down on some of the foods that are known to cause constipation, such as potatoes, bananas, pasta and white rice, until your little one starts to feel better. Also ensure they are getting enough milk (or water if age-appropriate) throughout the day as this can also play a big part in their bowel movements.

When trialling any of these foods to help your baby with constipation, start with a small serve and give it some time to see how they respond. Of course if you are concerned about your baby or child, always take them to see a medical professional and seek their guidance first. For tips on weaning your little one, check out this blog post and for ideas to help a little one who is teething, check out this post.

Pear and Prune Puree Recipe

  • Suitable from: 4+ month old
  • Preparation time: 3 minutes
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes
  • Ingredients: 1 pear, 2 prunes, optional: a sprinkle of cloves or cinnamon for flavour
  1. Peel the pear and chop into 1cm cubes.
  2. Roughly chop the prunes.
  3. Place the pear and prunes in the steamer basket of the Babycook
  4. Fill the Babycook with water to level 2 and press steam button.
  5. When cooked put all of the ingredients in the blending bowl while reserving the cooking liquid. Blend adding the reserved liquid to reach desired consistency.

Et voila, bon appétit!

Chef’s tip

Add a sprinkle of cinnamon or cloves before cooking if it's for an older infant or child to add more flavour.

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