Stretch Marks Oil 105ml

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Mustela Maternity Stretch Marks Oil hydrates and improves skin elasticity during pregnancy. Certified organic and made with 100% ingredients of natural origin, it helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and soothes sensations of tightness.


  • Improves skin's elasticity on the abdomen.

  • Helps to resist against skin stretching during pregnancy and to limit the appearance stretch marks.
  • Rich texture, which melts on the skin making the Stretch Marks Oil ideal for massage.
  • Makes the skin soft, supple and satiny.
  • Penetrates quickly, allowing you to get dressed after application.
  • Clinically Tested: Under dermatological control to ensure efficacy and safety.

  • 100% Hypoallergenic: Formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions.

  • 0% paraben, 0% phthalate, 0% phenoxyethanol


    Apply this oil to abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts, morning and evening. Do not apply to breasts when breastfeeding and to recent cesarean scars. 


    avocado pictoAvocado oil, patented ingredient of natural origin: this oil pure and rich in essential fatty acids, helps restore and maintain the hydrolipidic film weakened during pregnancy.
    maracuja pictoConcentrate of Maracuja oil, patented natural ingredient:
    improves elasticity and preserves skin's suppleness.
    sunflower pictoOrganic Sunflower oil: rich in essential fatty acids, moisturises the skin.
    • Vitamin E: is a natural antioxidant of the formula.
    • Fragrance-free.


      100% natural ingredients  Certified organic  Organic ingredients  Safe ingredients  Dermatologically tested  Made in France