Nutritional variety when introducing solids

Children begin this next stage of their development between the ages of 4-6 months, when they begin trying something other than milk for the first time. This can be a stressful step for parents however it is essential for baby's future development and so must occur with careful planning. 

For the baby, nutritional variety is a way to move forward and to discover the world. By stimulating their taste buds, they can start building their own list of food preferences. In general it is well received by the baby, when food is introduced with gentleness and respecting the baby’s rhythm.

For the parent, ensuring nutritional variety is a way of accepting to watch the baby grow. The act of transmitting a food culture, an education, a sharing of taste sensations and learning to discover who this little eater in front of you is part of the fun for parents.

In practice: stay tuned to what your baby can do. Accompany him as he evolves in order to increase, little by little, his level of tolerance. Don't rush it, take your time to see how he gets on.

For your part, allow yourself to be taken in to this area of discovery and play which is called nutritional variety.

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