Why is baby sleep so important?

While all parents want their children to sleep well, the reasons are not purely selfish! Sleep is as important to babies as good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Despite this, up to a third of all babies experience disruptions to their sleep.

There are many factors that make sleep so essential to healthy development of a newborn baby. One of these is that babies grow while they sleep. According to significant research, growth hormones are mainly secreted during a child’s deep sleep. This is why babies require so much sleep every day.

Not only is it important for their growth, sleep makes a substantial difference to a baby’s temperament. Babies who have consistently lacked sufficient sleep are often more irritable and difficult to manage.

In the long term, sleep deprivation also has a significant impact on children’s ability to learn and their overall development. You know yourself the feeling of trying to concentrate on something important after a sleepless night.

Ensuring your little one is getting a good night’s sleep is essential for their overall health. If your baby is struggling to get the recommended amount of sleep for their age, seek help from professionals such as your family doctor or maternal child health nurse. You may also wish to try establishing a regular routine, and if your baby is not yet rolling and less than 4 months of age, you may wish to try using the Cocoonababy to ensure they are comfortable.

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