Transitioning your baby out of the Cocoonababy Nest

We receive messages and reviews every day from happy parents whose babies love their Cocoonababy Nest. So much so, that some Mums and Dads then worry when the time gets near, about how to safely transition baby onto a flat mattress of a cot or bassinet (and still keep them happy and sleeping well!).

Whether that time is approaching for you and your family now, or whether you are just planning ahead, we hope this gives you some guidance and reassurance that all is going to be ok!

Transitioning your baby out of the Cocoonababy

When is it time to transition baby out of the Cocoonababy?

In our experience in general, it isn't hard for babies to transition from the Cocoonababy® Nest to a flat mattress. A baby needs about 3-4 months to adapt from their mother's womb to the aerial space. The Cocoonababy provides the ideal environment for peaceful sleep and optimal physical development during this time. However, when babies start rolling (usually at about 3-4 months of age) they need to begin to be transitioned gently out of the nest and onto a flat mattress. When they can roll, it is also a sign that they are old enough to "settle by themselves" and won't have any difficulties in getting to sleep without the help of the Cocoonababy

Please remember that although some larger babies may be longer than the nest by the age of 4 months, this is not a problem. They only need to be transitioned out of the Cocoonababy when they begin to roll. If your baby is longer than the nest, simply remove the wedge and allow your baby’s legs to rest on the bottom edge of the nest with their feet over the end. Just remember that at all times babies must not be able to push against anything with their feet and put themselves into a hyper-extended posture.

How can I support my baby to transition happily onto a flat mattress?

What you can do to facilitate the transition is take the wedge off when your baby is about 4 months, starts rolling and is effectively growing out of the Cocoonababy. Continue to use the Cocoonababy for nap time under supervision. At night, start sleeping your baby flat on a mattress. After a few days, you should be able to sleep your baby flat on a mattress for both naptime and night.

Is there anything else I can do to support the transition?

Child sleep research suggests that following small routines leading into bedtime helps babies to settle into sleep more easily. If you have already been doing these, then continue the current routine only sleeping them on the flat mattress instead and it will help to ease the transition for your baby. If you don't have any bedtime rituals or routines yet, don't panic! The repetition of the same process over a week or two will help your little one to know what's coming, and then when only one element of their sleeping ritual changes (moving to flat mattress from Cocoonababy) it may ease their transition. If you are wondering what some example routines are they may include a milk feed, read a book, have a cuddle and into bed. A warm bath followed by a baby massage also can help to relax your little one leading into sleep and is often also used as part of a nightly routine.

 Warm bath before bed

Finally, remember that when it comes to baby's sleep patterns, they change quickly and regularly. What could be a less than ideal sleep for a few nights, can quickly turn around into settled babies and good quality sleep for everyone. Do you have any tips on how you transitioned your baby from Cocoonababy to flat mattress? Please share them below in the comments or just let us know how you go!

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Hi guys
I have a beautiful 4 month old baby boy. He has slept like an angel in the cacoonaby from day 1. Absolutely loves it. Sleeps right through the night. However, now he is growing out of it and starting to roll. I am having trouble getting him to sleep on a flat matress. He won’t sleep like than a couple of hours. Tried numerous swaddles and for the last month in the cacoonaby I removed the wedge. The ergo pouch swaddle with his arms up is the only swaddle that he doesn’t mind. But still, can’t get him to sleep through the night like the cacoonaby. Usually I put him in the cacoonaby at 8pm and he wakes up at 7am. Now he sleeps from 8pm to12am in the ergo pouch swaddle on flat matress. I then end up putting him in the cacoonaby at 12am and he sleeps till 7am. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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