Tips for Travelling with your Baby

Considering travel with your little one or preparing for a flight with your baby can leave you questioning your own sanity. However, it can be done, and is often not nearly as hard, or as terrifying as you might think! 

After taking our own babies and children on trips both overseas and interstate, we've got a few tips up our sleeves that we're happy to share with you!

Baby Sleep

Take the Cocoonababy nest with you in it's travel bag if they're still young enough to be using it! We may be biased, but the Cocoonababy is defintitely the easiest way to ensure bubs stays happy and still gets a good night's sleep while you're travelling. If baby has a good nights sleep, then you all can too and everyone will have a more enjoyable holiday!

Book an airline bassinet

If you're heading on a long haul flight make sure you request a bassinet as soon as you've booked your flight. While there are never guarantees that you will get one, and even if you think your little one won't sleep in it, you will love having no one in front of you and that little bit of extra space and it means you can put your little one down and give yourself a little break if they are sleeping. For more information on bassinets on planes, check out this helpful link.

Baby wearing while travelling

Wear your baby

Invest in a baby carrier if you don't already have one. Lugging suitcases around airports or train/ferry terminals can be hard enough when you're juggling a little one, without trying to push a pram too. Babies generally love being held and as a bonus, your hands will be free to push a suitcase or carry on too!

Pack enough nappies!

Ensure you have enough nappies and wipes for your trip, plus a few more than what you would usually need, just in case of delay or emergency!


If you are breastfeeding then you don't have to worry about packing anything! Just remember to always feed them on take off and landing as the sucking will help their ears. For bottle fed babies, make sure you have pre-measured formula for at least two feeds, to use on take off and landing as well as an empty bottle. Take at least one extra serve of formula than you think you will need on a short haul flight, and a few extra on long haul flights. Lets face it, you don't want to be up in the air and run out of milk for your baby and planes will dehydrate babies too! The airline will always give you plenty of pre-boiled water and many airports in Australia have kettles in their baby-change rooms if you want to get prepared before you board.

If your little one has started solid food, then that is another thing you will need to be prepared for. Most airlines do not serve meals to children who are not paying for a seat, so make sure you are organised. Food is also a great distractor for many little ones, so pack lots of things to keep your little one busy! Savoury muffins make a great snack or meal for little ones, or make up some purees and pack them in a reusable food pouch that you can continue to use while travelling (top it up with some yoghurt from the breakfast buffet each day).

Travelling baby eating dumplings

Pack a Busy Bag

A busy bag is great for distracting your baby on flights, but they are also useful in cafes, on trains and in waiting rooms - pretty much anywhere you can think of that you'd like to keep your baby busy and happy! Simply put a couple of new things that they haven't seen before as well as a couple of their favourite things to keep them busy. Depending on the baby's age, try things like books, puppets and containers - even a water bottle is entertaining at this age! If your little one is getting a little older, a cube of ice and a couple of cups keeps them busy for longer than you would expect! 

Still weighing up if its all worth it? Whatever your reasons for travel with a baby - whether that is holidays, visiting relatives or work, you will be creating memories that will last you (if not your baby) a lifetime. Plus, everyone knows its harder to travel with a toddler than it is a baby - once they're fully on the move and won't sit still or sleep for long stretches its much harder! So take the opportunity and get going!

What tips have you got for travelling with a baby? Share below! Or are you still contemplating travelling with your little one? Let us know your questions! 

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