Swaddling your baby safely

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Swaddling is an ancient technique, used by parents to help soothe and calm newborns and to prolong a reassuring, womb-like feeling. Swaddling or wrapping babies, when used appropriately, is a useful strategy that parents can use to help their babies to settle and sleep on their back during the early months of life.  According to significant research, infant wrapping has been shown to reduce baby's crying time, shorten periods of their distress and improve their sleep by reducing the frequency of waking.

Despite swaddling being widely used by Australian parents, some swaddling techniques that use tight wrapping with the legs straight and together have been associated with an increased incidence of abnormal hip development including hip dysplasia and dislocation. Therefore it is essential that parents are able to safely wrap their babies to help promote safe sleep and development. Red Nose Australia recommend that when wrapping or swaddling your baby, it is important to allow for hip flexion and chest wall expansion. Recommendations for safe swaddling include the option to leave baby's arms free or wrapped and to ensure room is left for their legs to move freely so that baby can bend at the hip. Remember, do not cover your baby’s head and face. This is to prevent your baby from overheating and from the wrap blocking their breathing.

With all these recommendations to follow, it can be overwhelming for parents to be sure they are safely wrapping their baby so that their hips/legs are comfortable and there is no risk to baby lifting their arms and inadvertently covering their face with the swaddle. 

The Red Castle Cocobag Swaddle Bag allows baby's arms to remain outside of the swaddle so that they have access to their fingers and hands, meaning they are able to self soothe, while still feeling the security of being wrapped. This design allows baby to lift their arms while ensuring the swaddle does not come up over their face. With the swaddle bag, baby’s legs are covered while still providing flexibility to move their legs inside the lower part of the bag. Snuggled closely in the swaddle bag, the adverse effects of Moro reflex are reduced and baby benefits from a better quality of sleep. This product can be used in conjunction with the Cocoonababy nest. 


Please remember, if babies are swaddled or wrapped, they should always be placed on their back for safe sleeping. Current recommendations are that as soon as your baby shows signs of beginning to roll, wrapping/swaddling should be ceased for all sleep.

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