Our guide to 12 perfect gifts for newborn babies

Choosing the perfect gift for someone you haven't met yet isn't always easy! Purchasing something special for your friend or family member's new baby is a nice way to show you care and can also be a way to provide some love and support to the new parents but that doesn't mean you have to spend fortune to do so! 

As a mum of a little one, I can tell you that while every gift is appreciated and cherished, some become far more useful than others! While a stash of baby blankets and jumpsuits is always helpful, we have some other fun and practical ideas as well! Check out our list below for ideas for every budget.

Something Fun

Baby with Sophie Giraffe teether

  • One of the most popular baby gifts to give and receive is Sophie la Girafe. Acting as both a toy and teether, she is cute, soft and made of natural rubber to stimulate all of baby's senses. Purchase Sophie on her own for under $40 or in a gift pack!
  • FLATOUT bears are soft, cuddly and made from 100% Australian Sheepskin. With prices starting from $48 they make a thoughtful and lasting gift that baby will enjoy for years to come.


Something Practical

Jacadi Paris baby Skin Care

  • Regardless of age, all babies deserve high quality skin care products that are gentle on skin, dermatologically approved and free of nasties. The Jacadi Paris skin care range is a designed for use on baby and mum's skin and with it's high quality ingredients, smells divine. The Baby Skincare Gift Kit is a great gift, particularly for parents who already have children with lots of baby things! Jacadi Paris skincare prices start from under $30.
  • The Béaba Silicone meal range is renown for it's ability to actually 'suction' onto the table and help stop even the most determined plate thrower! Priced individually from $12.95 or purchase as a set.
  • For babies beginning solid food, right up to toddlers and into childhood, the BabySqueeze is a silicone reusable food pouch. They are great for environmentally conscious parents and those who will serve baby homemade baby food rather than mostly store-bought pouches. Priced under $30 they are also a great first birthday gift!

Béaba Silicone BabySqueeze

Something for the Nursery

  • A lamp or night light for the nursery will be helpful not only during the newborn phase but also throughout their toddler years and beyond. The Pixie Soft Night Light or the Pixie Stick Night Light can be used as lamps or turned on low to be used as a night light. Lamp prices start from $79.95.
  • While baby blankets are always appreciated, many parents now choose to sleep their baby in a sleeping bag. Organic Cotton sleeping bags are breathable and will help to ensure baby doesn't overheat while sleeping. Priced at $99.
  • The Babynomade travel blanket is a baby blanket with a difference - it's unique design with a hood, velcro fastenings and legs, ensures baby will stay warm, but can also be placed in and out of the pram or car seat without needing to be unwrapped or woken. Prices start at $99.95.

Something Special

Happy baby in Cocoonababy Nest

Whether you really want to spoil the new parents and newborn baby, or if you are wishing to purchase a large present for a baby shower, these ideas below will ensure everyone is happy and well looked after! 

  • If you really want to spoil not only a new baby but also their parents, the gift of sleep cannot be beaten! The Cocoonababy positions the baby in a comforted, nest like mattress for optimal sleep. With thousands of devoted parents around the world agreeing it's the best product they purchased for their baby, you will be the most popular person around if you gift one of these! Prices start at $299.
  • A Béaba Babycook will be loved by parents for their ability to quickly and easily make homemade baby food for their little one. Prices start at $299 
  • An Air Purifier is a gift not only for babies, but for happy parents too. Eliminating 99.97% of particles in the room, it limits allergies and odours so you can ensure the nursery a safe and healthy space for baby. Priced at $399.
  • The Milk Prep helps reheat and mix milk to the desired temperature and is suitable for powdered formula milk, breast milk and chocolate milk drinks. Priced at $229.

Milk Prep

While all parents love special and thoughtful gifts for their babies, choose something from this list to ensure your gift is not only thoughtful and cherished but well used and practical too.

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