Keep your baby cool this summer

Warmer temperatures can be a cause for concern for babies' health. Aside from the well publicised risks associated with direct, unprotected sun exposure, a high temperature can be a risk factor when it comes to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

One of the criteria put forward by the medical profession to avoid infant cot death is that the baby’s bedroom temperature be kept not too hot when the baby's sleeping. Ideally, you would want to keep the baby's bedroom temperature at around 19-20°C / 66.2-68° F. However, you can also adjust your baby's clothing and blankets to adapt to a warmer bedroom.

The following table provides a guide on how to dress your baby for sleeping and what TOG sleeping bag or blanket to use based on their bedroom temperature:

How to dress your baby for sleeping

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What a fantastic read! As a parent, keeping our little ones comfortable during the summer months is always a top priority, and your blog post offers such valuable tips and insights. From breathable fabrics to the importance of hydration, your suggestions are not only practical but also thoughtful. Thank you for sharing these invaluable tips to help us keep our babies cool and happy all summer long!

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