Add some personality and style to your child's room

Styling your child’s room is one of the most enjoyable parts of having a baby and allows you the exciting opportunity to incorporate a sense of personality and uniqueness into their space. What a wonderful gift it is to give a child, that of a colourful and playful surrounding to encourage their imagination and learning. From choosing bedding and furniture, rugs, wall colours and art work, every piece offers the chance for a personal touch.  

Whilst we offer an array of different baby products and are in constant search of products for you to discover, we would like to provide some options for helping to create the perfect room for your child.


Photos can be a wonderfully sentimental way of decorating a room and we were lucky enough to receive some tips from two of Australia's best family photographers on ways to create the best photography shots. So, if you’re anything like us, then incorporating imagery of a memorable moment in time is a lovely option for decorating a child’s room.

© photographs taken and supplied by Hyggelig Photography

Art Prints

Another great option for styling your child's room is our newly stocked limited edition and certificate authenticated Wolfnoodle art prints (printed by Sergeant Paper in Paris, France). These prints make a colourful addition to any room. With a fun variety of print options and with the perfect contrast and pop of colours, you can create a mix and match display to decorate and style your child’s room. Some of our favourites from the print selections, as you can see, look equally amazing framed or unframed, on their own, or in combination with other prints. 

Abeille_A3_Wolfnoodle Cerise_A3_Wolfnoodle fierte-cerise-wolfnoodle soleil-tournesol-cheval-wolfnoodle 
© photographs supplied by Wolfnoodle

DIY Arts and Crafts

Having a baby comes with a big price tag, with one big expense after another, from prams to cots and clothes, it's almost never-ending! Luckily, for those happy and willing to go down the path of DIY decorating then there are many creative and clever options available to help style your child's room. 

Perhaps incorporating a drawing, finger painting or your child's name into their room is something you would like to do to add a personal touch. You could help them to create a piece to add to the room (if they're old enough to lend a hand!) or even purchase wooden letters or stencil letters and cut them out in cardboard to then decorate.


We've also found some more ideas to help inspire you on your journey into styling your child’s room, as art is certainly a necessary part of transforming any space!

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